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Having now enlisted unreservedly in the work of the kingdom, be not anxious for your lives; much less be concerned with what you shall eat or what you shall drink; nor yet for your bodies, what clothing you shall wear. Paper , Section 6. Teachings from the Quran also address this topic with many verses that contain forceful arguments in support of the principle of unity of God, including that:. We are guided to learn the principles that are going to make us successful in a life where we have to manifest pretty much by ourselves the material and social necessities of life.

The Aquarian Age that we are coming into is also the fourth dimension, and those who are walking into higher consciousness and higher virtues are walking into an age of cooperation and non-competitive thinking with each other, which reflects the nature of God. The URANTIA Book teaches that this new age to come is called the first stage of light and life, and I think that we are now in the pre-stage of the dawn of the new millennium of light and life.

Salvador Dali: painting the fourth dimension

There are many teachings from many religions about how this final shift will occur—from the third dimension to the fourth. On every level, from seventh to first, people hear differently from others, understand differently from what they read. According to The Cosmic Family, Volume I , most people on the planet exist, within their understanding of reality, from the fourth to the seventh psychic circles. In the experiment called Divine Administration—in which human beings men, women, and children all live mainly on the third-psychic-circle level, and newcomers on the fourth, with the Elders fluctuating from the third, second, and first—there is a unity of understanding within the divine mind of God as to reality, as outworked in the perfect will of God, which all strive harder to be in.

In many monasteries—Christian, Buddhist, and others—monks, brothers or sisters, also mostly reside in the fourth psychic circle and hit the third more often than individuals who do not live together in the search for the truths of God. A true visionary sees in the second and first psychic circles. When that third level is attained, individuals may not yet be so perfect, but they are changing more quickly into the perfection of God than those on the fourth to the seventh psychic circles, even those other monks, brothers and sisters, in monasteries within evolutionary religions.

The third-circlers begin to see true reality as opposed to nonreality.

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The concepts found in the third dimension actually originated , years ago during the Lucifer Rebellion that manifested on Earth, and souls who fell into the third dimension fell from the fourth, fifth, sixth, and some even higher dimensions. Manifestations of the psychic suffering : psychosomatic in the context of the emergency room.

SBPH [online]. ISSN Psychosomatic manifestations are the expression of conflicts and anguishes through bodily symptoms, after the limits of mental assimilation are surpassed. Boston, MA: Pearson. Atkinson, D.

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Counseling American Minorities: A cross cultural perspective 5th ed. Baldwin, D. Some philosophical and psychological contributions to the use of self in therapy.

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In the s, abductees often reported encountering UFOs on lonely roads, and later recalled under hypnosis that they had been abducted. At sunrise on 7 August , in Basel, Switzerland, numerous black spheres were seen flying at high speed towards the sun, then turned around, hitting one another as if they were fighting. Shores and Grace and Villas Boas advocate the use of self-assessment portfolios from the beginning of elementary school as a way to promote the development of self-assessment and self-regulation in students, as they learn to look critically at their work and choose those productions that evidence their learning in order to compose their portfolio. PsicoDom , For example, the one who wanders around in search of two different locations at the same time will fail to find his destination, particularly if his real destination is neither of those two locations. In another case from Venezuela, four 3-ft-tall hairy dwarfs stepped out of a hovering UFO and attempted to abduct a young man. Communication Awareness.

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Ethnic notions: Black images in the white mind. Hamilton-Mason, J. Transactional learning and double consciousness: Voices of students of color within racism and oppression courses. Doctoral dissertation.

Leap to the 6th Dimension, Lost Souls Accessing Source

Retrieved from www. Psychodynamic perspectives: Responding to the assessment needs of people of color? Smith College Studies in Social Work, 74 2 , — Helms, J. Cultural identity in the treatment process.


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