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Teenager sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of Daniel Saunders in Ipswich
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He had promised to elope with Maria, but โ€” apparently appalled by her tarnished reputation for having illegitimate children โ€” he shot her dead in that barn, covered the crime up and tried to start a new life elsewhere. Ballads were written about Corder and Maria, while plays about the murder were put on in public houses even as Corder languished in his cell. Perhaps no single figure has ever cast such a dark shadow over Ipswich as a seemingly average and unassuming, middle-aged forklift driver called Steven Wright. Now known as the Suffolk Strangler, Wright murderer five women in late , in a shockingly sudden reign of terror which struck fear into the hearts of sex workers in Ipswich.

The women, whose bodies were found in rivers and woodlands around the Ipswich area, came from all walks of life.

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Oct 1, around 5 AM. The arrests of Gosbell and Durojaiye followed on 25 January and 29 January respectively, both taking place in Colchester. Following initial police enquiries, it is believed that the victim was attacked in an alleyway behind houses in Turin Street, which is also behind houses fronting on to Wherstead Road. Toggle navigation. George Oliver, father of Bernard Oliver, victim of the Tattingstone suitcase murder.

One was Tania Nicol, who grew up on a housing estate, while another, Gemma Adams, had a privileged upbringing complete with horse riding lessons. Yet what they all had in common was drug addiction, and a desperation that led them to work the red-light district of Ipswich. One of the victims, Paula Clennell, was even interviewed by a reporter about the climate of fear in Ipswich. The hunt for the killer, whose targeting of sex workers drew grim comparisons with the Yorkshire Ripper, became an epic endeavour, involving over police officers from 40 different police forces.

The Wright case has also drawn fresh attention to another crime: the presumed murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, who vanished into thin air after going to show a property to someone called 'Mr Kipper' back in However, no hard evidence suggests Wright was the mysterious Mr Kipper, and the detective who headed the Suzy Lamplugh investigation has ruled out any connection.

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All the latest news, travel and weather in Suffolk and north Essex all in one place. Police refer themselves to watchdog over initial response to murders. A true crime show will revisit the disturbing case of an Ipswich Murdertown will examine crimes that took place in Ipswich in and There were almost 1, crashes on Suffolk's roads in Picture: ARCHANT.

Murdertown 9pm. Welcome to Murdertown. The councillor turned killer.

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You might also be interested in: Middlesbrough: crime profile 'One of the foulest crimes that has ever defiled the annals of our local history'. The Suffolk Strangler. The murders, the missing people, the sexual assaults? The joint Suffolk and Norfolk cold case team of Suffolk Police was set up in August to investigate the unsolved crimes involving offences exactly like these.

Here are 10 cold cases that to this day, have not been solved - and in some cases stretch right back to the s.

Real Crime: The Suffolk Strangler Part 1

It is suspected that Mr Clarke was the victim of an assault, which resulted in him receiving a fatal head injury. He stopped to pick up a Chinese meal in Eye at about 7pm and he arrived at his home, Park Dale, at about 7. It is thought that Richard consumed part of his meal in the driveway of his home.

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A witness saw a male, believed to be Richard, apparently sat in his driveway holding his head just after 8pm. It is possible he had sustained his head injury by this time. The next time he was seen was when he was discovered seriously injured in the early hours of Saturday morning August 22, Since that time, the case has been subject to regular reviews and further media coverage, but the case remains unsolved. This case now forms part the unsolved case review process and is subject of continual review for lines of investigation that can progress this case. There may also be witnesses who might, for any number of reasons, have been unable or unwilling to provide police with information they hold.

With the passage of time, those witnesses may now be in a better position to come forward in order to assist. A review of the forensic evidence has been carried out and the findings are subject of analysis to help provide direction to take the case forward. Think you can help? Email: unsolvedcasereviews norfolk. She did this errand most days and it would normally take her approximately 15 minutes for the round trip.

10 brutal and heartbreaking murders Suffolk Police need your help to solve

She was seen by a number of people as she made her way down Burrows Road to the local newsagents. A couple of minutes later she had crossed the road and was engaged in a conversation with the local cobbler. Although there were many people in the high street Linda Smith was not seen alive again.

Can you help? On Saturday September 18, , year-old Victoria Hall had a night out in Felixstowe with a friend. They went to the Bandbox nightclub, leaving the club at about 1am in the morning and started their walk home. They separated at about 2.

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Her parents reported her missing on the morning of Sunday September 19 when they found that she had not returned. Police launched an investigation, which was quickly elevated from a missing person enquiry into a murder enquiry. The investigation attracted large scale media interest, resulting in thousands of calls being received by police, giving information and possible sightings.

On Friday September 25, a dog walker in Creeting St Peter, near Stowmarket saw what he initially thought was a dummy in a ditch and a report was made to the police who discovered this to be the body of Victoria Hall.

10 brutal and heartbreaking murders Suffolk Police need your help to solve - Cambridgeshire Live

He appeared in court in November where evidence was presented which relied heavily on the geological soil samples, a science over which both the prosecution and defence argued vociferously. His dissected body was found in two suitcases in a field in Tattingstone, Suffolk on January 16, ten days after his family had reported him missing. A major murder investigation was instigated and with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police enquiries were conducted both in Suffolk and Muswell Hill, London. One line of enquiry was to try and establish the origins of the suitcases and a laundry mark found within them; this involved international enquiries for police officers.

Some 2, statements were taken in the first four months of the investigation and numerous submissions were made to the Metropolitan Police Laboratory. Senior officers were still collating information and following up new leads into but no one was ever brought to justice for the murder. At various stages over the years snippets of information have been presented to the police but as yet none have been able to produce any positive leads. This case forms part the unsolved case review process and is subject of continual review for lines of investigation that can progress this case.

A review of the forensic evidence has been concluded and the findings have been analysed to help provide direction to take the case forward.

Email unsolvedcasereviews norfolk. On Sunday November 21, Karen Hales was stabbed to death in her home in Lavenham Road, Ipswich and an attempt had been made to set her body alight โ€” in the presence of her young daughter. On the day she was murdered there was at least two inches of snow on the ground and although it was not exceptionally cold, there were few people on the streets. Darkness fell that day around 4pm and Karen and her daughter were alone in the house, her partner having left for work earlier. Shortly before 4. They were confronted with smoke and flames within the house and found that Karen had been stabbed and an attempt made to set her alight.

Since that time, the case has been subject to regular reviews and further media coverage, but this horrific case remains unsolved. There may also be witnesses who might, for any number of reasons, have been unable or unwilling to provide Police with information they hold. On February 18, the partially decomposed body of Jeanette Kempton was found in a ditch adjacent to the B road at Wangford in Suffolk.

True crime television series set to focus on Ipswich murders

Jeannette was last seen on February 2, On that evening she was last seen drinking in her local pub near her home in London, The Loughborough Hotel, with a man who was known to her. When Jeanette was found over two weeks later she had no personal possessions with her. The cause of death was strangulation. A major investigation was undertaken with an incident room being set up in Suffolk but with a computer link to Brixton Police Station; the first time a technical link had ever been used between the two constabularies.

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Edna who was born in was found by neighbours who had entered the property after seeing smoke coming from her front door. The neighbours did all they could to reach Edna but such was the smoke that they were unable to rescue her. Edna had been physically assaulted before her bed was set on fire.