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I'm biased. I love everything she does.

A couple of decades ago I reached up in a charity shop to look at 'The Book of the Damned'. The first page hit me the way literature so rarely does when one is adult - this is speaking directly to my essential self - I must read this as soon as possible I was broke at the time and there was no internet.

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  • Disturbed by Her Song.

The two libraries nearest to me had one Lee each and I read both over and over again. When things improved I bought all the Lees I could afford, and she has never let me down, though of course I love some more than others. I was sitting re-reading Vivia, when suddenly I yelped - something warm had brushed against my legs When I left, I mentioned to the librarians how lovely the cat was. They were stroking the cat, which was sitting on their desk, as they said it.

I hope that I meet Tanith one day, to thank her, and to tell her about the cat. She has a beautiful smile, and I'd like to cause it. A series of interconnected surreal short stories told by two queer narrators about love, time, prejudice and spirituality.

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Tanith Lee seems to be out of fashion these days, but imho despite her occasional flaws she is a much more original fantasist than the likes of Neil Gaiman. Apr 08, Alexis Hall added it Shelves: queer , sci-fi-and-or-fantasy. Tanith Lee is a writer who has always inspired strong reactions in me.

When she hits, she hits it out of the park. And when she misses she bangs you in the face heavily with a bat. There appears to be no middle ground. So let's go with 'queer, surrealistic and semi-fantastical. I like to be able to swim about in a text; short-stories barely dampen the feet. But the transitory, fragmentary feel of Disturbed by her Song contributes to the eerie pleasure of reading the book - one of the few instances when wanting more and not getting it is the right sort of literary gratification.

Moreover, the stories - although they each stand alone - are united and contextualised by their common themes, and the fact that they drift in and out of a fictionalised reality. Esther and Judas have markedly different voices - Judas is distant and somewhat melancholy whereas Esther is frank and more expressive - but remain united by familial connection and experience. Like most story collections, your mileage may vary on an individual basis, but holistically I found Disturbed by her Song rather dazzling. I have written about Lesbian and male homosexual aspiration, love, lust and longing in several other places.

I mean, sheesh, this came out in - I like to think most people could pick up some queer fantasy and not have to have it painfully explained to them where it came from.


Because I love her. Esther - either as character or narrator - gets a job at a creepy Parisian hotel, where she has an affair with one of the other servant girls and falls for a ghost called Black Eyed Susan. That summary does not remotely do this story justice. Ne Que V'on Desir is a werewolf story that never once mentions the word werewolf Judas has a wonderful voice, strange and broken, and melancholy and beautiful. I kind of have something of a crush on the poor bastard. Also the commingling of violence and eroticism, alienation, homosexuality and lycanthropy works insanely well.

Death and the Maiden is stunningly creepy exploration of art, eroticism, gender and identity. And Disturbed By Her Song is completely heartbreaking. I could babble on about this book for ages - I really really did love it. Please, Tanith Lee, keep channelling your imaginary gay people if this what results. Mar 30, Paige rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , over-the-rainbow-project.

Reminded me of Angela Carter's fairytales. I'm interested in reading more by Tanith Lee. May 07, Cathy Wang rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-fiction. Death and the Maiden is so melodrama. Sep 19, Jerry L. Wheeler rated it it was amazing. Lee writes here as both Esther and Judas Garber, alter egos she spends too much time fleshing out in a prologue to the stories.

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The meat of the book is the stories, and the meals that follow this passionless appetizer are sumptuous, indeed. None of these stories is plot-driven. They are all about characters who unfold like rare orchids, the movement of each petal a revelation until their secrets are shyly revealed. Buy a copy, bend down and inhale their heady aroma. It will make you dizzy, beguile you and stay in your head for days.

This is my first Tanith Lee. The book is a meta-fantasy collection of short stories. Lee channels fictional characters who convey the stories to her. The characters are Esther Garber and Judas Garbah, half-siblings who are both gay. While I re This is my first Tanith Lee. While I really enjoyed the book, giving it a high rating, I think I would have liked to have first been introduced to Lee through one of her novels.

One of those great books that make me happy and make me feel as if i'm in love or smth. It disturbed me in a good way in all the ways - sensually, intellectually and, of course, physically. Goes to the shelve of my favorite authors, like Angela Carter and Kelly Link. I really liked the audiobook narrated by Jullian Kline. Sep 04, SmokingMirror rated it really liked it Shelves: carthaginian-goddess. The title story is one that didn't engage me, although the rest of the book was enjoyable, Jonas perhaps more to my taste than Esther.

Sep 18, Susie Munro rated it really liked it Shelves: e-book , diverse , horror-and-dark-fantasy , lambda-best-sf-f-h-winners , queer , read-in , short-fic-collections , women-slay-genre-fiction , reviewed. Lee is a criminally undervalued writer of interesting and unusual dark fantasy in my opinion. Feb 19, Oscar rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own , fantasy , female-author , lgbt , short-stories , favourites. A great collection of stories held together by the three authors- Tanith Lee and the characters she channels, Esther Garber and Judas Garbah.

Disturbed by Her Song

The story I liked best was the longest one, Death and the Maiden, but they were all really high quality and thought-provoking. I will definitely be reading again soon. Lee usually writes high fantasy with cranky heroines in my experience so far.

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Disturbed By Her Song collects the work of Esther Garber and her half-brother Judas Garbah, the mysterious family of writers that Tanith Lee has been. Disturbed by Her Song Paperback – August 1, Tanith Lee (Author), Esther Garber (Author), Judas Garbah (Author) & 1 more. Tanith Lee is the critically acclaimed multiple award-winning author of over 90 novels and nearly short stories in variety of genres.

This small press offering of short stories finds her channeling two characters who write queer erotica with a touch of magical realism. The stories are emotionally intense. Esther writes a great love story while Judas tends to write memoir-like shorter pieces.

They are both a little cranky too. Jun 01, David Nouvel rated it really liked it Shelves: gay-fiction.