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Instagram Poetry Is A Huckster’s Paradise
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While a dark social perspective colors his poetry, his sense of humor gives them a tinge of brightness, and sometimes enhances the generated absurdity. He usually create a series of loosely related narrative images, which are then broken by an incongruous rupture in the discourse that makes the poem in its entirety a paradoxical chain of self-references, disrupting their own logical structure.

This is one of the reasons that some lines of his poems appear to be connected to each other, but their connectedness does not seem to convey any resulting significance. The first two lines of the second poem in this selection are fine examples of this technique. The first two poems in this selection are taken from his first book, The Angels Have Committed Suicide Aasi, Mohsen. Ekhtesari, Fatemeh. Hosseini Moghadam, Mohammad. Karimi Kolayeh, Ali. Mousavi, Mehdi. Tehran: Maniha, Mashad: Sokhangostar, Postmodern Ghazal and.

Postmodern Ghazal Cyber-Workshop. He has acquired his M. His main research interests are postcolonial studies, World literature, globalization, and terrorism. A reference to an Iranian traditional indoor game played by groups of small children. The poet here is mixing a childish image with a dejected memory of an ill-fated love affair. Overdose of Valium and similar drugs is a very common method of suicide among the youth in Iran.

ISSN Email: inquire [at] ualberta. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Home About People Submissions Archive. New Trans 4. He sees her traces everywhere in the debris, even in the dust of the earth:. When I snap the rough-fringed whip she bursts forward, vapours smouldering over the kindled rock terrain. The ruins remind Tarafa of the cruelty of fate and the indiscriminate passing of time.

You see two heaps of earth with silent slabs of hard, deaf stone piled up upon them.

Poetry Turnoffs: Styles And Formatting That Make Editors Cringe

I see death choose the generous and the noble, while picking over the best part of the hardened miser's spoil. The sentimentality toward ruins shown by Tarafa, al-Qais and other pre-Islamic poets meant that by the Islamic Golden Age of the Abbasid period, the trope began to attract mockery.

The wretch paused to examine an abandoned campsite, While I paused to inquire about the neighbourhood tavern. May God never dry the tears of those who cry over stones, Nor ease the love-pangs of those who cry over tent pegs. Abu Nuwas, The Wretch Paused. Despite this mockery, the atlal trope endured through the ages, and today in the Middle East, a new generation of artists is returning to this ancient trope and using it to make sense of the loss and destruction experienced in countries with recent experience of war: most prominently in Iraq and Palestine.

The seminal Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish is one of the most significant inheritors of the atlal tradition. In , when Darwish was 7, Israeli forces occupied the village and depopulated it of its Palestinian inhabitants, leaving only ruins.

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Stop so that I may weigh the place and its emptiness with Jahili odes full of horses and departure For every rhyme we will pitch a tent For every home to be stormed by the wind, there is a rhyme. The ancient trope here becomes a way of mediating the loss of a home, and the injustice of war. View image of Credit: Alamy. That is, the trace in the atlal of classical Arabic poetry. To take just one example, in his novel The Corpse Washer, Antoon has a character wander through the ruin of the Baghdad National Library, which was destroyed during the invasion, and the National Film Archive, the repository of a century of Arab film-making destroyed by a US bomb.

One of the most visible migrations of this trope is into cinema.

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The film tells the story of a young Kurdish boy, Ahmed, who travels with his grandmother to search for his imprisoned father after the US invasion. Al-Daradji makes use of the ruins of war and civil strife to bring the atlal trope into a new context, but instead of signifying a specific memory, the ruins are asked to memorialise the loss of a whole generation, and point to loss without redemption. I was bewildered, and pressed him: Was Thom Young the real name of the primary writer? Who were the others? He seemed confused, saying they were working together on a book but were not a collective working under that name.

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Its profile picture is a stock photograph. In the course of one interview, Young mentioned some of his book covers were designed by his brother Jeb, who owned a business called Tumbleweed TexStyles. I asked Yost about the fact that Young, like Atticus, used a pseudonym to shield his true identity. Did he think it was different for Young to do so?

He seemed confounded. His credentials might be murky, but they carry a greater impression of authority than just another dude publishing his poetry on CreateSpace. Besides, an aura of mystery, as Atticus has also discovered, can go a long way in selling yourself as an artistic genius.


Young is certainly one thing: a troll. He also appears to have experimented with other spoofs.

A post shared by amala kaur amalakaur on Apr 4, at pm PDT. In an email, I asked Young about Amala Kaur, and whether he had created the account.

‘The Penguin Book of Romantic Poetry’, edited by Jonathan and Jessica Wordsworth: £16.99, Penguin

If you enjoyed this selection of the best poems about graves, you might also like these classic poetic statements about death and these fine church poems. Oh, life and people, and cruel fate Julius Ianuarius, 1 ; the envious malevolence of Fatum Aelia, 4. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The whole movement recapitulates the themes of the poem, with personal and topical applications, and makes a resolution of the discords of the first" pp. Critics have compared Eliot to Yeats.

He did not respond. If Young did create the Amala Kaur account, which does seem like a parody of Rupi, what with the shared name and meager Internet imprint, the undertones are less innocent than his general satire of Instagram poetry. A lot of the social media poetry out there is written by white men, like Christopher Poindexter and Atticus, but Rupi Kaur fans have sometimes defended the poet by noting a particular fervor to the disdain for her work that they argue derives from sexism or racism.

Hans Robert Jauss’s Reception Studies and Its Application to Chinese Poetry

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The Amala Kaur account, which parodies the South Asian imagery Kaur explores, seems to validate these concerns; the satire targets something other than just the quality of her verse. The logic here is reminiscent of right-wing trolling and victim posturing online.

Or perhaps fame is the poison we down despite clear warning labels. The metaphor apparently works equally well for any of these distinct concepts. And then there are the allegations of plagiarism. A screenshot of the original is below.

A dialogue with degeneration: the poet’s ceremonial chaos in ‘The Waste Land’

Some allegations bend back on themselves: Yost and Young, for example, claim Atticus plagiarized F. Scott Fitzgerald in one poem. It floats around on quote cards and inspirational roundups under his name, but it appears to be verbal flotsam from some corner of the internet, not from a literary classic. Even the quotes assiduously attributed to those underappreciated masters, in this world, all too often turn out to be deceiving. Atticus is a brand, not an artist; his books and Instagram and appearances cohere into a marketable aesthetic rather than an oeuvre of literature.

Atticus is not difficult to find, once you really look. He registered the business himself.

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Scott Fitzgerald, the stint in Oxford two summers ago Atticus has mentioned in interviews that he spent time studying poetry there in It all comes together quite quickly; when I started looking into the poet last fall, I figured it out almost by accident, in about 10 minutes. Today, he dabbles in publishing books , producing TV and farming lavender.

Representatives for Atticus and Atria declined to comment. So why be anonymous at all? Yost, who at least uses his own name, types his poems on a typewriter and litters them with cigarettes. Young pumps up his follower count and book sales by mimicking other Instagram poets, while also savvily positioning himself as a righteous voice of dissent. In each case, the poetry is less than impressive, and the truth far more complicated. In the cases of Atticus and Young, their avatars help maintain the mystique of their chosen personas.

In unmasking Atticus, Yost was trying to to smother the mystique with dull reality. Rather than just going after the poetry, Yost went after the persona.