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So called Natural Language can be leveraged in intelligent Chatbot Solutions. Digital Assistants are not just Siri or Cortana. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence you can build your own personalized Digital Assistant which gets to know you and supports your needs.


Please prove you are human by selecting the House. Enterprise grade artificial intelligence. We build scalable artificial intelligence products that are based on the latest technology.

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  5. We now know the cause of New York's massive blackout;
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Learn More. Sentient Digital Assistants. Powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, we create sentient virtual personalities for robots and chatbots.

Con Ed can’t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout

It is equipped with a mighty powerful weapon that Activision says will "decimate" anyone found in its sights. The tank supports a drive and a passenger who sits in the gunner position. To call in the tank, players must find it on the map or use the flare gun to call it to your location on the map.

This allows you to transform into a "charging fireball" to scorch your enemies or knock them back. It sees the crew of the Victis travelling to Siberia to fight off even more zombies as they uncover secrets. For standard multiplayer, the Dark Divide update adds a new map called Lair. This map is set on a volcanic island featuring a laser that players can activate to torch their enemies.

Sports Blackouts

A second "new" map is "Launch," which is a reimagined version of the original Launch map from the first Black Ops. Go to Activision's blog to learn more about what's new in Dark Divide.

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The Man On Fire 🔥 (Blackout Funny Moments and BEST Moments #240)

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Social Robots or Assisting Robots can reach their maximum potential by leveraging Artificial Intelligence! I just threw my newborn. De Blasio had tweeted his complaints when the preliminary report on the Manhattan blackout was released: "I'm troubled that one of the few factors they initially ruled out, the 13, volt cable, has been determined to be the catalyst of the outage. This story has been shared 54, times. We will analyze and test the equipment before we put it back in service," the company said.

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